Fund Management

Abrazo Capital partners with entrepreneurs and institutions to enable sustainable development by creating sustainable African businesses, large scale employment opportunities and most importantly, a meaningful positive impact on the lives of as many Africans.

Our Funds

Abrazo Capital Fund Managers are currently engaged with the following funds:

The LAUNCH AFRICA VC Fund is an Pan-African niche Seed Fund investing in B-2-B and B-2-B-C driven early-stage technology start-ups with strong, experienced management teams solving some of the most meaningful emerging market challenges, while creating a sustainable ecosystem. The Seed Fund invests in post-MVP start-ups with proven early success, signed POCs, pilots or recurring revenue.

The Technology Impacting Women Fund addresses the significant lack of investment, ownership and network leverage in tech companies that have the ability to make a meaningful impact on women’s lives in Africa. The objective of the Fund is to address the significant lack of investment and ownership across the technology sectors in Africa by deploying hands-on support and investment to technology companies that have vested interest in the advancement of females at all stakeholder levels.

The Women in infrastructure Investment Fund address the significant imbalance in the infrastructure sector by allowing women as active investors to participate in the investment of infrastructure development in sub-Saharan Africa. The Fund facilitates access to funding while providing investors commercial returns investing in infrastructure companies and project finance transactions. The objective of the Fund is to ensure that all elements of planning, building and financing must take gender dimensions into account, so that women have facilities and services essential to their needs and rights. Similarly, the construction, manufacturing and energy businessesses, with few women employees and decision-makers, fall far short of gender balance. From the factory floor to the high-tech lab, women must have equal opportunities in building a shared, sustainable future. The Fund represents women as active investors in infrastructure investments or, where required, develop infrastructure programs that will have an economic and social impact.

The Emerging Markets Technology Fund invests in highly scalable technology companies in Africa to scale in other emerging markets, while also facilitating the investment and growth of technologies from other emerging markets to scale in Africa.

This Scale Up Fund co-invests alongside other investors in Series A and beyond funding rounds, providing networks, corporate commercialization and funding to portfolio companies. The Fund focuses on a South-South emerging markets collaboration model. We have a wide network of advisors and corporates throughout Africa, Brazil, India and China.

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